Saturday, April 26, 2008

Arbor Day 2008

Each year the city of Sarasota celebrates Arbor Day by planting a tree at one of the schools in the city.

This year an oak was planted at Bay Haven School.
First through fourth grade students attended the ceremony. The students helped with he planting and sang a couple songs related to trees.

Thanks to the City of Sarasota, including Public Works staff and City Commissioners for participating in the celebration.

Thanks also to the staff and teachers at Bay Haven for organizing this event - particularly to Principal Betsy Asheim-Dean, Art Teacher Deb Herbert and Music Teacher Kim Miles.

Our Sarasota School system and their teachers and staff are supported by the community and they provide an excellent education for our community's children. Thank you!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Ibis in the Yard

Have you seen flocks of Ibis roaming around he neighborhoods? Probing the grass and under plants for food.

The particular yard pictured above, has not had insecticides applied in years. There are likely to be numerous critters available for these native birds.

Sarasota's Fertilizer Regulation ordinances limit not only fertilizer but also require best practices for insecticides. This can give our native species more friendly habitat for foraging.

If you want to see these birds in your yard you might consider what you put on your yard.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Laurel Park Celebrates

A few weeks ago Laurel Park, one of Sarasota's most charming neighborhoods, received the news that they had been accepted as a National Historic District. They documentation for this designation was time consuming but a labor of love for all involved.


On another note (pun intended), Laurel Park also recently had another of their "Tunes in the Park" neighborhood gatherings. Food, drinks, music and socializing were in abundance. Neighborhood social events like this build community.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Uniquely Sarasota

Anna's Deli is featured in the Pelican Press:

For almost four decades, Anna's Deli has had a simple formula for success: Make and serve sandwiches out of fresh, high-quality ingredients and don't skimp on the filling.

If you haven't been to Anna's, you should give it a try. In downtown Sarasota they are located on Orange across from City Hall.

Sarasota's unique businesses offer some of the best to our community. They contribute good products and services while improving or local economy.

Stop in and see them sometime.